Kefalonia Island Tour

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 Excursion: Island Tour Journey with us to the spectacular and breathtaking Myrtos Beach. Capture for yourselves one photo you cannot go home without. Myrtos beach is one of the top ten most photographed beaches in the world. Visit with us the village of Assos on a peninsular all of its own, overlooked by a commanding fortress and one of the most beautiful places in all of Greece. The next highlight is the chic Fiscardo built by the Venetians and untouched by the 1953 earthquake. The marina boasts stylish yachts owned by the rich and famous and its colorful pretty shops and cafes are a joy to strol arround. Up and coming is Agia Efimia harbour where we take our lunch stop. Visit the Phenomenon that is the Melissani Lake which flows into an underground cave. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride in the turquoise waters as the sun shines through the cave creating a kaleidoscope of colours, a must for photographic memories to cherish forever. Explore the Drogarati Caves famous for their acoustics where orchestras have held concerts and opera singers such as Maria Callas have sung. Make the most of your holiday discovering Kefalonia. Days: Sunday Price per adult: 35,00 euros Child (4-14yrs): 20,00 euros Inclusions: Transportation, Guide, Insurance Duration: 8 hours 



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